It was
the grace
of a daisy
With 23
that teach me
on this blessed
new day
that it shall not matter
to start counting
I love you
I love me
The revealed is
and the same
Divine reason


I dated two robots yesterdays

I dated two robots yesterdays
Both were programmed to service me well
We did things
In the same
good old
learned order
of doing things
And after sunset
we kissed
at the beach
With one –
our feet touching
With the other –
our view inviting
the rush of salty waves
Both robots could suddenly
not speak
One even bluffed
he had a virus in throat
AI intelligence?!
jaa ha ha
The other was hanging just with
With variations of
what do you feels
Tell me your fantasy s
‘Don’t think
tell me whatever comes first’ s

I believe
I say
Mine is what he can’t understand
His’ is
I think a drink on the beach
But unfortunately I don’t drink
Using coconut biotica only
These days

While they chatted so well!
Without any error of a word to spell!

I dated two robots yesterday
That sighed only to say
I can’t believe I am holding yous
How much I missed yous
Hugging robots
Vibrating robots
Robots with small mouth and twister tongue
Ready to penetrate into mine at a slightest chance of an opening
A disguised disgust of my sincere failure
not towards the robot but myself
Hiding you still under my palate
from where the soma of your love drips
Now as if forcefully been replaced
to a taste of this preprogrammed chatalike

Have they lost their voice because of my best dress
or maybe the fantasy of the sandy bikini
which they will never see
in the dark wherein
Both hiding their face
But I see
By my loose body parts
Maybe a lookalike
But I ain’t no robot

Oh my sandy bikini
Oh Chosen so carefully
To rejuvenate their fantasy
a different pattern for each-
yes. I do take care of that!
Stays now
as an Everly Brothers’ dream
In my mind only

My ‘okey ‘ is an ensuring
‘yes yes’ the Indian way
Of course
They did their best
For the zest
That obviously still can break china hearts
I took it as a test
To get to know me better
Let me be broken through your dream
Let me cry and shake and perceive an angry cloudy color world
let my remains of china burst

I dated two robots yesterdays
while expecting for a man
Thankfully though
these are yesterdays
Today I met a true man
A gypsy
We will date sometime
Play tabla and darbuka
Drink dance and sing
And sleep
To salute the sun
early in the morning
At the beach

I go on a trip now

I go on a trip to get a true
beating heart now
Like all the rest %of you
For all the rest of rest %
l shall pray to the divinity in you
like Swami Rama
I go on a trip to find out the la
part of my name
Being a part of someone’s
body-mind and heart
ain’t good enough for me
I gotta  irrevocably be
me me me
outta this painful duality
I gotta be free

So yeah I go on a trip now
hanging behind a sky blue
To embrace her thankfully
and unite us to the truth of us.

Thank you for your cautious courteousness
Thank you for sincere friendliness that  made me feel like a true girl at times
And a puppet as such is jolly maybe and even pretty but a halfish heart
ain’t enough for me
ain’t enough for us

Thank you for your sisterhood and chivalry
For Such beau et bold souls I have sung for and through which I have become
I  go on a trip now dear all and won’t show up again
I go on a trip now dear all and won’t come back
I go on a trip now dear all to receive a heart of true like all of you
and for you and for us
I go on a trip now dear all cause I gotta be free
and free
cause we gotta be free
I go on a trip now dear all I am blessed by your good luck