All so tempting

A poem about habits in general / bad or good

they  all are so tempting
whirling only to place one another
approach me almost forgivingly
with same smiling eyes
of a liar

or was that a lover?

I remember one
unique of its kind
from who I learned a lot
at least it has its meaning
which I can feed back to him

but these these!

oh they are all so tempting
whirl pooling
I can see them
maybe starving
all addicted to
my love
my unconditional lovemaking
as much as I am
to their
momentous slurp
and ingestion of my true blood

but no
I choose for none this time

those are so many
I see too many
in lines and threads
made of patterns of multifaceted worms
each showing up -as if the prettiest face- in turns
each claiming to be better than the other for me

oh my
now it is that apple
yes the juiciest best cut
in mini thin mouth watering slices

even doesn’t make sense to my senses
any temptation
or the apple

apple is good to me
but no thank you
I better starve this time
I know if I take one
I will be taken by all

they are all so tempting
only that I accept
but gonna touch none
this time



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