Ribbon snake’s serenade to a frog hiding in a coconut shell

O sappy daffy incongruous frog
Waiting for a beauty queen
to be kissed by
to turn to a prince in your dream

You want some lessons
on art?
You want some lessons
on art?

then come to me
For ye it’s gonna be for free!
Oh come to me
I can teach you how to read
in manners that are non-slurpy
and slimy
As your automatic long tongue

I be a friend and a lover and a teacher
For the manifesto of our Love

We’ll read as loud as we can with our combined reptilian heart

Let’s shout until we silence
Let’s shout until we can be heard
as and by and for the silence of the spirit

Without defining Gentleness
to be assigned to any poetry

Let’s trespass these fake borders
of the image of our predefined Body
in our
As boring as can be
made of the phrase
Only clever birds sing it as:
“This has been done already”
Your shout would silence
My Palpating heart

Please do not misunderstand my
Love word
and traditionalize

As mushrooms grow
Under rotten
Of urban flats
or lies
La la la lies

and pathetize
Yes Pathetize
my words
Without understanding what they’d truly mean

When words
Combine to a phrase with the spirit
Truth shouts
but not the cynic

Like a poisonous
Made of the scared sound of your blood

which should have instead been sacred
by the earnest of our lovership

Without any of your definitions of poetic

You shout
You shout like politics
Which is meaningless
For true ears

A defined silence
has no power to trespass
Boundaries of conditioned
aesthetics of your
Learned poetry

Let’s dare to read love now
As plain and clear and straight
As can the truth of hearts be
without the need of any gelatinous stickers
or the chess board tattooed
Along the skin softness of
our sitting bones


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