White light

I just come up
To give you a hug
My love

And Up Up
That white light .

I remain
Dashing skies as if

Everything else
Moves as if

Higher than high
Met you
because of a rhyme .

To never
Sever from you again

A song we are

that same Sakti
with or without body

That makes me fly

I just came up
To give you a hug
My love

Once I shall stay
When once diminishes


Rat ta ra tar ra

Each time I hear
Chanson D’amour
I sing along  je t’adore
It’s deluging downpour
here in my heart encore
Every time I hear
Chanson, chanson, d’amour

inspired by and dedicated to Manhattan Transfer – Chanson D’amour

it’s based on my true story every time getting soaked on the bike with this song in my mind (actually headphones :D)

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