It’s my story 

Beyond all desire
is that
Gateless gate
Image: a true story. 
I was singing a song to the skies “It’s my story. I insist. I insist. It’s my story I insist” imagining for an electronic mix … the moon smiled back and winked to me. Only then a heart gate manifested. Has it always been there? Is it still there? Does it matter? When you know it is one play of the self …. that there is no distance between love and love ….that desire is a waste of time and in truth it only stands between us .


White light

I just come up
To give you a hug
My love

And Up Up
That white light .

I remain
Dashing skies as if

Everything else
Moves as if

Higher than high
Met you
because of a rhyme .

To never
Sever from you again

A song we are

that same Sakti
with or without body

That makes me fly

I just came up
To give you a hug
My love

Once I shall stay
When once diminishes

Rat ta ra tar ra

Each time I hear
Chanson D’amour
I sing along  je t’adore
It’s deluging downpour
here in my heart encore
Every time I hear
Chanson, chanson, d’amour

inspired by and dedicated to Manhattan Transfer – Chanson D’amour

it’s based on my true story every time getting soaked on the bike with this song in my mind (actually headphones :D)

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