Sharpen Sharpen!

Song of the moon:

Sharpen Sharpen
Senses like Crystals
Sharpen Sharpen
Senses like Crystals
and Pin Stars
and Pin Stars
Map of the universe
Map of the universe
co – appearing


Image: İlan-ı-Aşk
ink and pencil

And so I gifted a bouquet of skyflowers made of sharpened senses to the moon
And so the moon
Woke me up lately
fiercly and gently
showed her face to me
then drew such a sign in the sky by her clouds
The teacher she was or he
Imagine I would take it personally and forget about the beauty of such totality . Imagine I would take it personally and separate the #moon from me.


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only knowing heals

It is not belief that heals it is the knowing
belief always comes with its opposite
belief can only exist with its counterpart
belief and unbelief therefore – both the same
Same as all counterparts
These mean duality
Duality means being in exile- separate from the truth of the self
Belief is though useful for those who do not know themselves
Those who do not know themselves believe in something and/or someone
Always something else
Always someone else than the self
and it is useful teaching and exercise for those on the path of knowing the self

because if you need to check
The palace will collapse
once you hesitate…
Hesitate means a test
Hesitate means a check
a double-check
On the single mountain path at the top towards the crest
You can’t hesitate you are the mountain there you become the crest
Thoughtless wordless

There is no hesitation for knowing
There are no double checks to knowing
There are no lookbacks for knowing
There are no tests to knowing
cause knowing is
Always content
Knowing is the light manifesting summer in winter
Knowing is the light that contains all history
Knowing is the light of you in all as I
Knowing is I

Phew! Game over

well it seems they all know that I know by now
as both
the girl and the boy disappeared
-clearing the throat-
but no hard feelings…
We all had fun in the end

Such futile games
Such silly games
We wish to play
with ourselves
at times
We can pick up the essence


Submerged into the peace
of this endlessly lingering
remaking me

in my ears

reshaping dehinaḥ
I delve into that universe
or I

Beyond and above
My eyes shine
same as the sunrise
Beyond skies
and clouds


My life story
in this body and place
as if it’s hers ..still
and she
is a residual trace

Oh dear one
one and the only one

If you have asked
the password
I’d have given you
at once
Instead of
as your karma

Oh dear one
one and the only one

I shall whisper you
in the ear
like a mantra
until you wake up
in another dream
in which
I am not.

Fix me Milady!

My refrigerator is angry
It makes sounds so grumpy

because I left the door open for hours!

As a sign to prove me
I have been so greedy

“Bring me
Bring me
the repairman

His Cries
remind me

I actually don’t need a repairman
I can fix it with one of my eyes
Resembling those of Blinky

Mischievous are these moments
growing magic at tip of my Pinky

but I won’t

Could do so
if I wanted to …

but I won’t

because in my role of the kinda softly temperate Milady
things should be as they are supposed to be
then again

For this act



Tale of a reflection on a mount lake

On a mountain top
he gifted her a glittery water
and he said:

“Drink this without drinking”
and so she did
and became the water

May that be a mount lake…

As he passed as a wonderer boy
He looked down to taste

just before he touched
he saw… the untouched

like a mirror
endlessly shining through

and he spoke
without using his voice
the pure water…”

he saw it like a beloved

“Wish! Wish! for something
cause in your purity this whole universe is gifting”

and his pure heart got a response

“Oh dear one
what else can I wish more than this love
You are here now
Light shines on me blissfully
We are one
with all of I
is not other than you
Light of love
We are here now

Dance of unity
Always one
we are here now
It’s our universe
Oh dear one
What else can I wish
more than this love”

and he stayed
between ripples
as the ever shining universe

A Beautiful Bubble


A come back
of an always smiling
Never aging
as a gift
From someone
I have dreamt of
Maybe an omen
Maybe a true knowing
of a friend
That became the self

As ancient
as one’s own history
is now back to me!

In its never aging
Always actualizing light
As a transparent ever cheerful
Rejuvenating and joy giving

It comes back to me!
It comes back to me now!

Through such
Line of connection
Life brings back
A beauty
In the form
Of a forgotten

Just falls
From the air

Yes just like that

And collapses
On my face
Like a wake up

And stays so
until I will get it
And open my eyes

Making it a lense of truth

Is it the bubble?
such beautiful Bathe of color?
or has it always been so

But who cares
who cares to question for the show?

When you know the answer
Without words
It is so
It is so

Ah yes
It is so
So is now
is so

Ribbon snake’s serenade to a frog hiding in a coconut shell

O sappy daffy incongruous frog
Waiting for a beauty queen
to be kissed by
to turn to a prince in your dream

You want some lessons
on art?
You want some lessons
on art?

then come to me
For ye it’s gonna be for free!
Oh come to me
I can teach you how to read
in manners that are non-slurpy
and slimy
As your automatic long tongue

I be a friend and a lover and a teacher
For the manifesto of our Love

We’ll read as loud as we can with our combined reptilian heart

Let’s shout until we silence
Let’s shout until we can be heard
as and by and for the silence of the spirit

Without defining Gentleness
to be assigned to any poetry

Let’s trespass these fake borders
of the image of our predefined Body
in our
As boring as can be
made of the phrase
Only clever birds sing it as:
“This has been done already”
Your shout would silence
My Palpating heart

Please do not misunderstand my
Love word
and traditionalize

As mushrooms grow
Under rotten
Of urban flats
or lies
La la la lies

and pathetize
Yes Pathetize
my words
Without understanding what they’d truly mean

When words
Combine to a phrase with the spirit
Truth shouts
but not the cynic

Like a poisonous
Made of the scared sound of your blood

which should have instead been sacred
by the earnest of our lovership

Without any of your definitions of poetic

You shout
You shout like politics
Which is meaningless
For true ears

A defined silence
has no power to trespass
Boundaries of conditioned
aesthetics of your
Learned poetry

Let’s dare to read love now
As plain and clear and straight
As can the truth of hearts be
without the need of any gelatinous stickers
or the chess board tattooed
Along the skin softness of
our sitting bones