To your call I wake up
Walk in the dark
Through what should be a window or glass
I knew it was

There is a memory supporting the theory
of the past or of yesterdays
but not for the part :
“I saw you through”

this you
hiding behind
what could be a cloud

unseen like the glass

shining jewel
Illuminating round
glaring light
with cheeks

Persisting about the hereness
Becoming my eyes
and my heart
expanding majestic

The glitter before the manifestation of an object
You are I that looks through and sees
You are I which I understand deeply
Through a moment
observing duality

Observing yeah
duality yeah
Who? me?

In my body
Tired but shocked from seeing such …

Ready to embrace you again in my arms
and forgive
for the first and the last time


only knowing heals

It is not belief that heals it is the knowing
belief always comes with its opposite
belief can only exist with its counterpart
belief and unbelief therefore – both the same
Same as all counterparts
These mean duality
Duality means being in exile- separate from the truth of the self
Belief is though useful for those who do not know themselves
Those who do not know themselves believe in something and/or someone
Always something else
Always someone else than the self
and it is useful teaching and exercise for those on the path of knowing the self

because if you need to check
The palace will collapse
once you hesitate…
Hesitate means a test
Hesitate means a check
a double-check
On the single mountain path at the top towards the crest
You can’t hesitate you are the mountain there you become the crest
Thoughtless wordless

There is no hesitation for knowing
There are no double checks to knowing
There are no lookbacks for knowing
There are no tests to knowing
cause knowing is
Always content
Knowing is the light manifesting summer in winter
Knowing is the light that contains all history
Knowing is the light of you in all as I
Knowing is I

Goodnight Kiss

I have never seen such a star before!

It shines
by and to
the sides of my eyes
but only until I’d look up
to see it Fully

It has never been there maybe!

or is it its nature to just disappear
and because I look up ?

or are we
playing a game of
kika boo
to test
a rhyming faith?

which could
become a melody
to the lines of darkness
uncloaking us

once or thrice
does not seem to matter
to the form of my observation

sheltering in a multicolored ice

Catch this subtle point of luminosity
Now ! – If you can

and once you have it
Set it free
or Stay there
as if meditating on headstand
and clear your mind

before night diffuses into light
and shines through a crystal
with a hidden star inside

I cannot prove If eyes are not be made of its
and only a deluded mind  -Alas !

such useless
doubt of difference
of the other
by the other
about the other

And the other
always and only
in the corridors of beliefs
and thought-constructs

Is it not pointless
Trying to catch
a star
in daylight ?

and sometimes recklessly
at the tip of my nose
makes me giggle just
as if a sexy tickle
at a mystic corner
on a lover’s lip
longing for its kiss variant

I look down again
Tired of the silly mind game
Just to feel it by my side
A sweet friend
A sweet love
Made of my trust
Only appears
to the side of my eyes
So what!
A needle tip sized glitter
Living only
in the reflection of the reflection
of a night sky
Shining on my window
behind which I hide now

Hi we are two monsters

we are two monsters
stuck to the edge of the mirror
Not needing support really not to fall down
a spider recently threaded from our edge to the wall-edge
a long thread to show off he is here
to show off also that
he really is inspired by
how we look like

we are two monsters
and they say we are look-alikes
we have different color
but we are look-alikes

we are two monsters
and we like talking to each other but
we have never seen each other

we are two monsters
we are stuck to the edge of the mirror
and we have never seen each other

we are two monsters
we talk all day long to each other
We wish to see once
each other
but we are stuck both
on two different edges of a mirror
She has seen me through the mirror
I haven’t succeeded to turn my head yet to look inside
but I have seen her aaa aaa in my mind…

we are two monsters
and we are so nice to but
we have never seen each other
we are both stuck to the edge of a mirror
and apart from each other
we talk all day long to each other
and she has only seen me once
through the mirror as she could turn her head

we are two monsters
can you help us
see each other

I dated two robots yesterdays

I dated two robots yesterdays
Both were programmed to service me well
We did things
In the same
good old
learned order
of doing things
And after sunset
we kissed
at the beach
With one –
our feet touching
With the other –
our view inviting
the rush of salty waves
Both robots could suddenly
not speak
One even bluffed
he had a virus in throat
AI intelligence?!
jaa ha ha
The other was hanging just with
With variations of
what do you feels
Tell me your fantasy s
‘Don’t think
tell me whatever comes first’ s

I believe
I say
Mine is what he can’t understand
His’ is
I think a drink on the beach
But unfortunately I don’t drink
Using coconut biotica only
These days

While they chatted so well!
Without any error of a word to spell!

I dated two robots yesterday
That sighed only to say
I can’t believe I am holding yous
How much I missed yous
Hugging robots
Vibrating robots
Robots with small mouth and twister tongue
Ready to penetrate into mine at a slightest chance of an opening
A disguised disgust of my sincere failure
not towards the robot but myself
Hiding you still under my palate
from where the soma of your love drips
Now as if forcefully been replaced
to a taste of this preprogrammed chatalike

Have they lost their voice because of my best dress
or maybe the fantasy of the sandy bikini
which they will never see
in the dark wherein
Both hiding their face
But I see
By my loose body parts
Maybe a lookalike
But I ain’t no robot

Oh my sandy bikini
Oh Chosen so carefully
To rejuvenate their fantasy
a different pattern for each-
yes. I do take care of that!
Stays now
as an Everly Brothers’ dream
In my mind only

My ‘okey ‘ is an ensuring
‘yes yes’ the Indian way
Of course
They did their best
For the zest
That obviously still can break china hearts
I took it as a test
To get to know me better
Let me be broken through your dream
Let me cry and shake and perceive an angry cloudy color world
let my remains of china burst

I dated two robots yesterdays
while expecting for a man
Thankfully though
these are yesterdays
Today I met a true man
A gypsy
We will date sometime
Play tabla and darbuka
Drink dance and sing
And sleep
To salute the sun
early in the morning
At the beach

Hocus Pocus

You and I

between the two streams
of breathe
which in reality
by simultaneity
at an absolution

…. four letters for you
….. five letters for me
….. five letters for you
…. four letters for me

says the hangman concurrently!

but in truth
this shall be
a place
without a search
of such futile words


we are not perfect if are perfectionists
and yet we still are what we shall just be
such is all letter equaling to one sound

there is this gap
made of flowing lines
which we call


‘imagine’ is a space
of compassion
that we allow to be
that we let ourselves in
and surrender
take shelter
for a while


for a while

of lifetime…?

then that
‘maybe a while’
lingers again – no?


it dissolves

at some …

its’ cause
to its effect

not too bad
it’s all acceptable
of course

let us sing
in Flashy letters
‘Who Cares!’

‘Who Cares’ …is the man!

do we have a choice?

Don’t we?

A black hole
is a time gap
that manifests itself
as space

it happens while
we –
the two lovers
the gatekeepers
of endless cycles-
the full moon
the new moon

– peel inversely
the skin of an orange ~as if~
in equally opposite directions

two right circular cones
balance each other
apex to apex
and turn uni/verse/s
and ~as if~ coming from a different source
while the orange has always been the same

for now
I throw my magic ball just
to the web of games
collect mind litter
which I filter
in the lab of dreams
to distill glittery
fairy powder

and what that does?

imagine just
you have all the time
don’t you?

but OK!
we shall meet ‘someday’
‘someday’ in your terms of course
yeah someday
we shall meet ‘somewhere’
‘somewhere’ in your terms of course
only for the rhyme
yeah only for the rhyme
cause there really is neither a day nor a where

when locus equals focus