Today my body is sick
very sick
but I won’t use any medication
This I know is a good method of observation to test how sincere I am
or is it just a mind born fantasy
My love
My love for you

Point of silence which I am perpetually in
is bliss
from where ambrosia flows as if fluid light and heals and rejuvenates all
because of your grace and my love

This body shall be healed again through your light and mine

Today my body is sick
very sick
and this I got as a blessing through the words of a sick man yesterday

I asked him how his sickness manifested
The symptoms
and dressed up with it
as he described
through his blue eyes and shirt
10 minutes later I started shaking
with pain and fewer … as he described
Next day he was well again

Today my body is sick
very sick
but I won’t use any medication
I will heal it
Have I been true to you my love?

It is for cleansing
and purification
of mind
of body

It is a blessing I know
of this place
that comes about and shines
for and by your love only

and my contemplation
is healing with me
All there is around me



A Beautiful Bubble


A come back
of an always smiling
Never aging
as a gift
From someone
I have dreamt of
Maybe an omen
Maybe a true knowing
of a friend
That became the self

As ancient
as one’s own history
is now back to me!

In its never aging
Always actualizing light
As a transparent ever cheerful
Rejuvenating and joy giving

It comes back to me!
It comes back to me now!

Through such
Line of connection
Life brings back
A beauty
In the form
Of a forgotten

Just falls
From the air

Yes just like that

And collapses
On my face
Like a wake up

And stays so
until I will get it
And open my eyes

Making it a lense of truth

Is it the bubble?
such beautiful Bathe of color?
or has it always been so

But who cares
who cares to question for the show?

When you know the answer
Without words
It is so
It is so

Ah yes
It is so
So is now
is so