smoke of the night cig

It is so nice this vertical crack on the wall
and the spot right to the left of it
drawing a tangent of a horizontal separation
of the stage for the actors of the light show
beyond or above

Stressing the desire of the squarish light
that wants to connect to its perpendicular variant
from its longing –smoothly mixed by watercolors– shadowy edge

as if they are different from each other
because it seems so to the eye and
as if not the both is made of the same light
forgetting exactly like the mind of the body carrying that observing eye

that’s why the canvas of the eye perceives their story so

it could have been something totally different -unchanging the scene
but as said
this depends on the cleanliness of the mind of the body carrying that observing eye

and the one
Not needing much
who says
It is nice enough
is the unchanging one
that one stays
smiling always
as the true seer
the perceiver and the perceived and the story in story
knowing all
will vanish soon
like the smoke of my night cig
still Just before sleep
It is a bad habit I know
Like others say