Sharpen Sharpen!

Song of the moon:

Sharpen Sharpen
Senses like Crystals
Sharpen Sharpen
Senses like Crystals
and Pin Stars
and Pin Stars
Map of the universe
Map of the universe
co – appearing


Image: İlan-ı-Aşk
ink and pencil

And so I gifted a bouquet of skyflowers made of sharpened senses to the moon
And so the moon
Woke me up lately
fiercly and gently
showed her face to me
then drew such a sign in the sky by her clouds
The teacher she was or he
Imagine I would take it personally and forget about the beauty of such totality . Imagine I would take it personally and separate the #moon from me.


Sound : Listen to SharpenSharpenX.mp3 by User 129782764 #np on #SoundCloud



Drawing with color
He said All I want is a red bright balloon with a shine on its content belly… like that mysterious yellow one!

I said OK …but that was from a dream
And I did my best you see
But a transparent mountfish ate half of your balloon. …

change your course! (the columnist)


Let me read you something I just wrote -here it comes!:

Change your course in this life
just like
just like you change the grip of your hands in a yoga posture
although it may feel uncomfortable at first

just like when you try to use odd meters in a country song
which may sound odd to western ears

just like deciding not to do so
although I cannot help not-putting a carrot in my mouth
every time I cook carrots

it will bring you many new faces of yourself

as you realize the freedom you have and the discoveries you can make
new things will manifest to bring you new creative energies

so Dare to Change Your Course!

and actually there is nothing to dare
just change your course!

and do not make it a Habit!
just like not-changing your course 🙂
same as  changing your course

tune in to your flow
Do it knowingly in the sense that you tune in to your flow
It’s not an objective knowing

like playing an instrument!
like a dance!

Add some spice to the composition
while you’re never loosing the tempo

so Change Your Course!
like this video actually